Welcome to a new democracy of sorts, replete with founders, investors and ecosystem builders with the goal of unifying those who believe there's more the angel investing, venture capital and financing-without removing competitive or even dominant returns.

You can help us accomplish this in three ways: 1) social capital; 2) sharing your story; and 3) access and support for strong institutions.

What Makes Our Episodes Different?
Our curated episodes library was created to give you an edge, regardless of your local startup ecosystem.

After hosting four "app launch parties" in Harlem, New York and one in Memphis, Tennessee, we learned that mutual vulnerability makes one stronger, not weaker.

By rejecting a pitch competition format for those app launch party events, guests were encouraged to create an atmosphere that compliment traditional sources of financial capital like pitch competitions, angel investing and venture capital.

We believe there is valuable capital inside of these founders as we consider a potent question: "What would you do if the money never came?"

Here's the deal, you can do it, and these startups, their founders and their investors use both evidence and experience to communicate what they believe it takes to win in in emerging growth businesses, relationships and in life.

Why Diverse Tech Founders?
In truth, less than one percent of startup capital (broadly defined) end up in some communities and that percent represents the super stars. There are also founders bootstrapping, which can elongate success. We learned from these "app launch parties" that it takes both to build up a successful startup ecosystem. 

Even if you do not have billions of dollars under management, you can still leverage the one thing older than capital: people (human relationships).

The Diverse Tech Podcast Program

Season One: Earlier Stages, Bigger Markets
Our interviews are continually evolving, and although our questions have remained fairly coherent since Season 1 (launched during the COVID-19 pandemic in May 2020), Season 1 connects with founders earlier in their process, often pre-product.

You will also find episodes geared toward personal development like Angel Investing School and Silicon Valley Extension.

New York, Atlanta, Houston and London dominate Season One.

Season Two: West Coast Vibes, In Person Interviews
As global COVID lockdowns ended you encouraged us to interview guests where they are, in their cities, and connect with real people on the ground in both emergent and legacy startup ecosystems.

In many cases with studio quality microphones (or a trusty iPad), these episodes have a unique sound that elevate your conversations into the startup stratosphere.

San Francisco and other western facing cities takeover Season Two, and pack a mighty punch.

Approximately 21 questions. Average 45-55 minutes in length.

Guests are asked to take us from their earlier experiences with technology all the way to running a billion dollar company (if that is their aspiration). We explore their mentalities of success from the lens of navigating their venture capital aspirations.

Dozens of next generation thinkers provide their straight-talk views on startup ecosystems around the world. Whether you are new to venture capital or a seasoned founder, you can learn practical tips from our guests, including how to select a co-founder that aligns with your mission.

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Join us for this ride and see you side!
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