How to Redirect Anxiety and Spread Inpathy? Ziarekenya Smith (Founder) | Inpathy | (Detroit, MI) | (Season 4: Episode 1)

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Tired of the highlight reel? Craving genuine connection and emotional honesty online? Inpathy is here to revolutionize social media by embracing your full human experience.

Co-founded by Ziarekenya Smith and Kathryn Young, Inpathy rejects the "perfect or nothing" pressure of traditional platforms. Instead, it fosters transparency, empathy, and authentic expression.

Why? Because Ziarekenya, struggling with real emotions, felt silenced by the unwritten rules of social media.

He realized: life has valleys, not just peaks, and sharing only the good paints an unrealistic picture. Kathryn's background in mental health confirmed the harm this inflicts on young people, leading to anxiety, depression, and disconnection.

Inpathy is different. It focuses on three core human principles:
  • Emotions. Sharing how you feel, good or bad, is encouraged. You'll see moods fluctuate, reflecting the true human experience.
  • Stories. Share your authentic stories, the triumphs, and struggles, through video and audio, fostering deeper connection.
  • Community. Forget "likes" and followers. Build genuine connections by communicating directly, just like in real life.
Here's what makes Inpathy unique:
  • No likes, views, or followers: Focus on real connection, not validation.
  • Open & inclusive: Express yourself freely without judgment.
  • Human-centered design: No more comparing curated highlight reels.
  • Promotes emotional well-being: Normalize moods and reduce social media's negative impact.
Ready to ditch the fake and reconnect with your humanity? Join the Inpathy waitlist and be part of the social media revolution!

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How to Redirect Anxiety and Spread Inpathy? Ziarekenya Smith (Founder) | Inpathy | (Detroit, MI) | (Season 4: Episode 1)
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