How To Become An Angel Investor? Patrick Bentley (Angel) | (Huntsville, AL) | (Season 2: Episode 17)

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Are you stuck in your day job, side hustle, or startup and feel like progress has slowed? Buckle up for (4) fifteen minute segments to learn how Patrick went from working the ports to investing alongside the top angel investors and VCs in the Valley. The humor and practical tips in this episode are only matched by Patrick's hospitality.
Patrick Bentley is a self-taught developer-turned angel investor with a unique brain and ability to tell captivating stories. He's also a Googler.

We often get questions about how to start angel investing, especially the when, the how and the why of it.

Patrick covers them all in part I of this conversation, with the ultimate mix of brilliance and humour.

As background, Patrick began his foray into technology building websites near the ports of Savannah, and when he merged his coding prowess with his innate business acumen in how to turn one dollar into two, he began launching full scale growth businesses. Today, Patrick is a developer at Google and an active angel investor with its Black Angel Group.

If there's one message Patrick and I want to get across to you in this episode, its that you can do it too.

We even discuss Patrick's cultural roots in the Gullah Islands.  

As a founder or angel investor, you'll learn what an angel like Patrick looks for in not just opportunities, but in human beings.

Join us for a special conversation with Patrick Bentley, providing that added motivation you need with practical tips you can leverage to succeed.

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See you insideā€¦

Questions Answered Inside:
1. What do founders get from you being on their cap table?
2. What is the Black Angel Group (at Google)?
3. What are you looking for in investments?

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How To Become An Angel Investor? Patrick Bentley (Angel) | (Huntsville, AL) | (Season 2: Episode 17)
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